Biological Importance of Water ||Why Is Water Important to Living Things

Biological Importance of Water:: Water is important to living organisms. Water also essential to life on earth because water is needed for life. 60% -90% of the bodyweight needs water. The terrestrial plant absorbs water from the soil by the root room and in the process of sowing through the entire body floor. Animals receive water through various foods and drinks. Following are Why is Water Important to Living Things.

Biological Importance of Water

Biological Importance of Water in Plant Body

Water Molecule so Important to Organisms.

  • Water is the component of the protoplasm in living cells.
  • Water is especially required in the action of plants, such as vapour release, salicylate synthesis, respiration, respiration.
  • Without water, the circulatory system is not organized in the plant body.
  • There is water requirement for germination of the organism.

Biological Importance of Water in Animal Body

  • Water so important to cells. Cells need water. Water is a major component of the protoplasm of animal cells.
  • With the help of water, the body is fed to food.
  • Water is an essential component of blood and lymph.
  • Water has a special role in the exclusion of sediment products.

Why is Water not Food?

Water is not called food because it has no heating value.

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Biological Importance of Water

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