Chemical Reaction and Balancing Chemical Equations || Definition

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Chemical Reaction

That the process is analyzed for a substance or multiple substances come into contact with one another through a combination of one or more heterogeneous generate new material, the process is a chemical reaction.
Substance or substances that participate in a chemical reaction, the reagent or reactive substances says.
The new material is generated as a result of the prevailing chemical reactions, their Reactive substance says.
Chemical Reaction

Balancing Chemical Equation

Reactive substances and Reactive to maintain nuclear parity between the signs and signals of chemical equation chemical reactions that process briefly to express.
Examples: Water is produced by the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen + Oxygen = Water
This reaction is summed up with symbols and symbols. 2H2 + O2 = 2H2O This is the chemical equation of the reaction. Here H2 and O2 are the reactants and H2O is the reactant.
Balancing Chemical Equation

Practical Application of Gram-Molecular Mass and Volume

(A) Weight Calculation:- If the atomic mass and molecular mass of a substance are known, the chemical equation shows the mass of the reactant and the reaction substance in the reaction.
Practical Application of Gram-Molecular Mass and Volume
1. How many grams of potassium chlorate is needed to prepare 10 grams of oxygen?
[ K = 39,    Cl = 35.5,   O = 16 ]
Ans: The sales equation is: 2KClO3 = 2KCl + 3O2
                2[39+35.5+3×16=245]   3[2×16]=96
It turns out that 245 g KClO3 is needed to prepare 96 g O2
Therefore to prepare 10 g O2 24596×10=25.5224596×10=25.52Gram (approx.) KClO3 is required.
[B] Weight-Volume Calculations.

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