Gk Questions || General Knowledge

Gk Questions || General Knowledge

In this page you can fine 1000+ Different kind of Gk Questions (General Knowledge) and answers in English for all competitive government exams like UPSC, IBPS PO, SBI clerk, RBI, LIC, PSC, SSC, IAS, Bank PO, CGL exams and all state-level exam. You can also fine here Current affairs GK Questions month and year wise PDF, GK quiz and answer etc. for upcoming 2021 job exam. As we are know general knowledge is most important asset in human life. By learning basic GK we can make your life easier.

“ Knowledge is powder by hope“

But most of the job seekers do not give importance to General Knowledge so they failed in the job test.

But there is nothing to fear!! It's not too late yet!! Let's start today!!

We know that General Knowledge is an important part of the job test. Usually, 40% of the questions in the job test come from the Traditional (static) General Knowledge questions Part and 10% of the questions come from the latest Gk or current affairs. Therefore, all job seekers should study traditional Gk as well as current affairs in their daily studies. 

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What is General knowledge (GK)? || Explanation of General Knowledge

General knowledge or GK is something informative fact or idea that has been acquired on a daily basis for a long period of time generally but not in specialized form. It is about a wide coverage of subject rather than detailed knowledge of a specific subject hence it excludes highly specialized subject.

main branchess of general knowledge / gk questions

General knowledge 2020 Topic for Preparation of Gk Questions

Importance of GK Questions Daily Life || Benefit of General Knowledge 

General knowledge is undoubtedly helping you on a personal level as well as your overall development in academic. GK helps us to know what is happening around you and learning the fact u can be part of a healthy discussion in any topic. In respect of competitive exam it has a big role to be selected in government job. Apart from that having good knowledge in current affairs it will help you to invest in any company and also help to you to grow agricultural output according to the market demand.

Advantages of Learning General Knowledge 

  • Better Grades.
  • Makes Conversation Interesting.
  • Gain Confidence. 

Ways to Improve General Knowledge

The improvement of GK depends on not only learning but also disciplined habit and everyone need to be  good listener and beautiful observer. It can be achieved through following ways ...

  • Reading news paper/Books/television / listening radio.
  • Through discussion with friends.
  • Participating in the various quiz contest.
  • Visiting various historical places.

Where  can you get GK questions and answers

There are many different sources where you can learn GK Questions. For example (a) Reading Books. (b) Visit Educational Website.

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Top 5 Books for Gk Questions

Top 5 Education Website For GK Questions and Answers

Now you can learn simple important General Knowledge using our web portal. In our web portal, you can find GK questions from a subject like Geography, History, science, polity, technology like computer GK objective questions. You can also find GK questions on current affairs month and year wise pdf.

So, Lets learn different GK Questions and Answers .....

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