Important Revolution and its Impact on Indian Agriculture

Today we shall learn about ‘Important Revolution and its Impact on Indian Agriculture.’ or Impact of Agriculture Revolution in India. After the independence of India, to solve food and industry problems, agricultural revolution through various examinations will be completed at the beginning of a new era in India. The main objective of this revolution was to improve the production system by using advanced technology. India’s revolution, which is very important in the field of Static GK in various competitive exams. So a list of different revolutions from the academia is given below:-

Agriculture Revolution in India

Impact of Agriculture Revolution in India

Sl No. Revolutions Related To
1 Green Revolution in India Food grains
2 Grey Revolution in India Fertilizer
3 White Revolution in India Milk/Dairy 
4 Silver Fiber Revolution in India Cotton
5 Silver Revolution in India Egg and Poultry
6 Round Revolution in India Potao
7 Golden Revolution in India Fruits/Honey
8 Brown Revolution in India Leather
9 Golden Fiber Revolution in India Jute
10 Blue Revolution in India Fish
11 Black Revolution in India Petroleum
12 Pink Revolution in India Onion
13 Red Revolution in India Meat and Tomato
14 Yellow Revolution in India Oil Seed

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