101+ List of all Inventions and Inventors Name pdf Download in English free

In this topic List of all Inventions and Inventors Name pdf Download, we will cover in this post 1000+ list of Important Inventions and Inventors Name.

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List of all Inventions and Inventors Name pdf

Difference Between Inventions and Discovery

  • An invention is a thing invented by a person. For example, Laptop created by Adam Osborne, that is called inventions.
  • Discovery is a thing which is discovered by someone, which is already existing in nature. For example, Vasco da Gama discovered India.

List of all Inventions and Inventors Name

SlInventionsInventors Name
1CameraSteven Sasson
2InternetVint Cerf
3Apple ComputerSteve Jobs
4EmailShiva Ayyaruddin
6Diesel EngineRudolf Diesel
7AmmeterFriedrich Dexler
9BarometerEvangelista Torricelli
10MicroscopeHans Lippershey and Zacharias Janssen
11TelescopeHans Lippershey
12AspirinFelix Hoffman
13Cholera VaccineWaldemar Haffkine
14Rubella VaccineMaurice Hilleman
15Polio VaccineJonas Edward Salk
16Hepatitis B VaccinePablo DT Valenzuela
17Hepatitis B VirusBaruch Blumberg
18SmallPox VaccineEdward Jenner
19Anthrax VaccineLouis Pasteur
20Plague VaccineWaldemar Haffkine
21World Wide WebTim Berners Lee and Robert Cailliau
23Java Computing LanguageJames Gosling
24C ProgrammingDennis Ritchie
25LanguageTed Hoff, Federico Faggin and Stan Mazor
26Solar SystemNicolaus Copernicus
27MicroprocessorsJerry Yang and David Filo
28Printing PressJohannes Gutenberg
29Electric BulbThomas Edison
30AirplaneWright Brothers
31RadioGuglielmo Marconi
32TelephoneAlexander Graham Bell
33CalculatorBlaise Pascal
34TelevisionJohn Logie Baird
35ElectricityBenjamin Franklin
36TelegraphyPavel Schilling
37Theory of RelativityAlbert Einstein
38AutomobileFerdinand Verbiest
39Magnetic TapeFritz Pfluemer
40Periodic TableDmitri Mendeleev
41Transformer and Electric MotorMichael Faraday
42Hydrogen BombEdward Teller
43Computer ArchitectureJohn Von Neumann
44Nuclear ReactorEnrico Fermi
45Steam EngineJames Watt
46BatteryAlessandro Volta
47GoogleLarry Page
48MozillaDave Hyatt and Blake Ross
49FacebookMark Zuckerberg
50TwitterEvan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone
51MicrosoftBill Gates and Paul Allen
52World Wide Web (WWW)Sir Tim Berners Lee
53Ip addressRobert E. Kahn
54MicroprocessorFederico Faggin
55Archimedes screw & PiArchimedes
56PaperCai Lun
57Davy lampHumphrey Davy
58ComputerCharles Babbage
59Pedal BicycleKirkpatrick Macmillan
60Pneumatic TireEdouard Michelin
61Atomic BoomRobert Oppenheimer
62Microchip or Integrated circuitRobert Noyce
63Blood GroupsKarl Landsteiner

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