List of Cups and Trophies Associated With Sports and Games

In this post, we shall learn about List of Cups and Trophies Associated With Sports and Games. So as a Static General knowledge list of Cups and Trophies most important part. Below we provide a list read the list carefully and download the pdf for offline use.

List of Cups and Trophies Associated With Sports and Games

List of Cups and Trophies (Sports/Games)

Sports Cups and Trophies
Volleyball  Centennial Cup, Federation Cup, Indira pradhan Trophy, Shivanthi Gold Cup, etc.
Shooting  North Wales Cup, Welsh Grand Prix etc.
Rugby Football  Bledisloe Cup, Calcutta Cup, Webb Ellis Trophy, etc.
Horse Racing  Baresford Cup, Blue Riband Cup, Derby, Grand National Cup
Chess  Naidu Trophy, Khaitan Trophy, Limca Trophy, Lin Arec City Trophy, World Cup etc.
Golf  Canada Cup, Eisenhower Trophy, Muthiah Gold Cup, Nomura Trophy, President’s Trophy, Prince of Wales Cup, Ryder Cup, Solheim Cup, Topolino Trophy, walker Cup, World Cup etc.
Boxing  Aspy Adjahia Trophy, Federation Cup, Val Baker Trophy etc.
Air Racing  Jawaharlal Challenge Trophy, King’s Cup, Schneider Cup
Athletics  Charminar Trophy, Federation Cup etc.

Badminton  Aggrawal Cup, Amrit Diwan Cup, Asia Cup, Australasia Cup, Chaddha Cup, European Cup, Harilela Cup, Ibrahim Rahimatollah Challenger Cup, Konica Cup, Narang Cup, Tunku Abdulrahman Cup, Uber Cup, World Cup, Yonex Cup etc
Polo  Ezra Cup, Gold Cup, King’s Cup, Prithi Pal Singh Cup, Radha Mohan Cup, Winchester Cup etc.
Table Tennis  Berna Bellack cup(men), Corbillion Cup (women), Jai Laxmi up (women), Rajkumari Challenge Cup (women junior), Ramanuja Trophy (men junior), Travancore Cup (women), Swathling Cup (men) etc.
Cricket  Asia Cup,Bose Trophy, Champions Trophy, Charminar Challenger Cup, C.K. Naidu Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Irani Trophy, Interface Cup,Jawaharlal Nehru Cup, Rani Jhansi Trophy, Ranji Trophy,Titan Cup, Vijay Cup, Vijay Hazare Trophy, Wisden Trophy,.
Football  IFA shield, Scissor Cup, Subroto Mukherjee Cup, Sir Ashutosh Mukherjee Trophy, Todd Memorial Trophy, Vittal Trophy,FIFA World Cup, Jules Rimet Trophy, Kalinga Cup, Santosh Trophy, Confederation Cup, D C M Trophy, Durand Cup.
Hockey  Aga Khan Cup,Begam Rasul Trophy (women’s),Maharaja Ranjit Singh Gold Cup, Lady Ratan Tata Trophy (women’s), Dhyanchand Trophy, Nehru Trophy, Sindhia Gold Cup,Murugappa Gold Cup, Wellington Cup etc. 
List of cups and Trophies PDF Download

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Extra Information Trophy and Sports /Game

  • Linares City trophy is Related to = Chess
  • Khaitan Trophy Related to = Chess
  • Naidu Trophy is Related to = Cricket
  • Lin Arec City Trophy is Related to = Chess
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Cup = Badminton
  • Charminar Trophy is Related to = Athletics
  • Derby Cup Related to = Horse racing in United Kingdom
  • Federation Cup Related to = Volleyball
  • Indira pradhan Trophy Related to = Volleyball
  • Centennial Cup Related to = Volleyball
  • Shivanthi Gold Cup Related to = Volleyball
  • North Wales Cup Related to = Shooting
  • Welsh Grand Prix Related to = Shooting
  • Bledisloe Cup Related to = Rugby Football
  • Calcutta Cup Related to = Rugby Football
  • Webb Ellis Trophy = Rugby Football
  • Baresford Cup Related to = Horse Racing
  • Blue Riband Cup Related to = Horse Racing
  • Grand National Cup Related to = Horse Racing
  • Limca Trophy Related to = Chess
  • Mango cup is Associated with = Cricket game
  • Todd Memorial Trophy is Associated = Football

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