List of Common File Extensions and their Meaning

Hello and welcome Reader’s in this post I’m gonna be going over computer fundamentals and talking about a list of file extensions and their meaning. I’m going to tell you what file extensions are and then I’m gonna go into how to view the file extensions on your own computer. let’s go ahead and get started.

So each file has its own file extension. It’s usually a three to four-letter identifier found at the end of each file name. So for instance, if you save a file it’ll be the name of that file. If you ever see dot (.) jpg after a file name, you know that it’s an image. There are a lot of different computer File extensions and their meaning also different. Such as .JPG, .MP3, .BAT, .APK, JAR. When we double-click on a program or a file, extension of this file helps the operating system to run the file or program properly.

Ahead here are some “List of Windows Computer File Extensions and their Meaning”.

important file extensions in computer

Common Audio File Extensions

SL Types of Common File Extensions

File Extensions Meaning
1 .mp3 MP3 audio file
2.wpl Windows Media Player playlist
3 .wav WAVE file
4. wma Windows Media audio file
5. mpa MPEG-2 audio file
6. .mid or .midi MIDI audio file.
7 .iff Interchange File Format
8 .cda CD audio track file
9. aif AIF/Audio Interchange audio file

Common Video File Extensions

SL Types of Common File Extensions File Extensions Meaning
1 .mpg or .mpeg MPEG video File
2 . mp4 MPEG-4 Video File
3 . mov Apple QuickTime movie File
4 .mkv Matroska Multimedia Container
5 . m4v Apple MP4 video File
6 . h264 H.264 video File
7 . flv Adobe Flash Video File
8 . avi Audio Video Interleave File
9 . 3gp 3GPP multimedia File
10 . 3g2 3GPP2 Multimedia File
11 . wmv Windows Media Video File
12 . vob DVD Video Object File
13 . swf Shockwave flash File
14 . rm Real Media File

Common Image File Extensions

SLType of common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1.jpeg or .jpg JPEG image
2.icoIcon file
3.gifGIF/Graphical Interchange Format image
4.bmpBitmap image File
5.aiAdobe Illustrator file
6.psd PSD / Adobe Photoshop Document image PostScript file
8.pngPNG / Portable Network Graphic image
9.objWavefront 3D Object File
10.max3ds Max Scene File
11.svg Scalable Vector Graphics file
12.3dm Rhino 3D Model
13.3ds 3D Studio Scene
14.tif or .tiff TIFF image

Common Text File Extensions

Sl.Type of Common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1. txt Plain text file
2 .tex A LaTeX document file
3. rtf Rich Text Format File
4. pdf PDF file
5 .msg Outlook Mail Message
6. odt OpenOffice Writer document file
7 .doc and .docx Microsoft Word file
8 .wks and .wps Microsoft Works Word Processor Document file
9 .wpd WordPerfect document

Common Executable File Extensions

SLType of Common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1 .exe Executable file
2 .com MS-DOS command file
3 .cgi Common Gateway Interface Script
4 .bin Binary file
5 .bat Batch file
6. apk Android package file
7 .jar Java Archive file
8 .py Python file
9 .wsfWindows Script File

Common Presentation File Extensions

SLType of Common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1 .pptx PowerPoint Open XML presentation
2. ppt PowerPoint presentation
3. pps PowerPoint slide show
4. odp OpenOffice Impress presentation file
5. key Keynote presentation

Common Spreadsheet File Extensions

SLType of Common file ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1. xls Microsoft Excel file
2. xlsx Microsoft Excel Open XML spreadsheet file
3. xlr Microsoft Works spreadsheet file
4. ods OpenOffice Calc spreadsheet file

Common Database File Extensions

SLType of Common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1 .accdb Access 2007 Database File
2. csv Comma separated value file
3. dat Data file
4.db or .dbfDatabase file
5 .log Log file
6.mdbMicrosoft Access database file
7. pdb Program Database
8.savSave file (e.g. game save file)
9.SQLSQL/Structured Query Language database file
10.tarLinux / Unix tarball file archive

Common Web File Extensions

SLType of Common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1.htm and .html HTML/Hypertext Markup Language file
2.css Cascading Style Sheet file
3.cgi or .pl Perl script file
4.cfmColdFusion Markup file
5.cerInternet security certificate
6.asp and .aspx Active Server Page file
7.xhtmlXHTML / Extensible Hypertext Markup Language file
8.rssRSS/Rich Site Summary file
9.phpPHP Source Code file
10.partPartially downloaded file
11.jspJava Server Page file
12.jsJavaScript file

Common System File Extensions

SLType of Common File ExtensionsFile Extensions Meaning
1.drvDevice driver file
2.dmp Dump file
3.dll DLL file
4.cplWindows Control panel file
5.curWindows cursor file
6.cfgConfiguration file
7.cabWindows Cabinet file
8.bak Backup file
9.tmp Temporary file
10.sysWindows system file
11.msi Windows installer package
12.lnk Windows shortcut file
13.ini Initialization file
14.icoIcon File
15.icnsmacOS X icon resource file

Download : File Extension List With Full Form pdf.

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