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Lucent GK Question Book pdf is an important book for those who will take the job test. Lucent General Knowledge Book gives a pretty good idea of all the questions asked in the Indian job exam, such as SSC, Railway Recruitment Boards (RRBs), SCRA, Bank P.O./T.O., LIC/GIC/OIC (AAO), RBI grade and Officers, State Public Service Commission exams CAT, MAT, CLAT, MBA, BBA, MCA, BCA, entrance examinations, UPSC Civil Services, CDS, NDA, etc. exams. This book is published by Lucent Publication. Lucent General Knowledge Book or Lucent Samanya Gyan Book was first published in 2017.

The Lucent General Knowledge Book is available in both English and Hindi. Besides, this book is available in two sections (1) Lucent Objective GK Book (2) Lucent Subjective GK Book.

Lucent Gk Question Book pdf

The Lucent General Knowledge book is available at any bookstore and online website like Amazon or Flipkart. Here we post Lucent General Knowledge Objective book in pdf form so that the students could download the Lucent General Knowledge book in pdf form and use it offline/ online study later.

Lucent Gk question Book pdf Contents/Index

This book contains ten (10) chapters. They are given below….

(1) The First Chapter Describes Indian History.

  • Ancient period
  • Medieval period
  • Modern period

(2) The Second Describes World History.

  • Ancient period
  • Medieval period
  • Modern period

(3) The Third Chapter Describes Geography.

(4) The Fourth Chapter Describes Indian Polity and Constitution.

(5) The fifth Chapter Describe Indian Economy.

(6) The Sixth Chapter Describe Physics.

(7) The Seventh Chapter Describe Chemistry.

(8) The Eighth Chapter Describe Biology.

(9) The Ninth Chapter Describe Miscellany is a Treasure of Conventional General Knowledge. Such as

  • Firsts,
  • Superlatives,
  • Monuments,
  • International Boundaries,
  • National Emblems/Animals,
  • News Agencies,
  • Map Lines,
  • Parliaments,
  • Signs Symbols,
  • Official books,
  • UNO and World Organisations,
  • International Decades,
  • Years and Weeks,
  • Important Days,
  • India’s World Heritage Sites,
  • Defence of India,
  • Research Centres/Institutes,
  • Musical Instruments and their Exponents,
  • Folk Dances,
  • Famous Places,
  • Crematorium,
  • Nicknames,
  • Awards and Honours,
  • Books and Authors,
  • Games and Sports,
  • National Parks

(10) The Tenth Chapter describe Computer

About Lucent General Knowledge Book pdf

  • Language: English
  • Format: pdf
  • Publication: Lucent’s Publication
  • Edition: 2020
  • Source:

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