PM Narendra Modi said – I apologize for the lockdown but this was the only way to save you

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave a speech to the Mann Ki Baat on Sunday at 11 am. Prime Minister Madi, in the Mann Ki Baat, initially apologized for the inconvenience caused by the lockdown but said it was the only way to save the country. Prime Minister Modi said fighting against the Coronavirus is a struggle between life and death. This is the 63rd edition of Prime Minister Modi Mann Ki Baat. Find out what Mr Modi has in his mind…

Mann Ki Baath 28th March on sunday at 11 am (63rd edition)

Mann Ki Baat Highlights on covid19 India lockdown: PM Modi

As Prime Minister Modi said today, I remember Acharya Charak words. When I saw the sacrifice, forgiveness, determination and commitment of doctors today. Acharya Charak spoke very well to doctors and we are seeing it in the lives of our doctors today. Acharya Charak said, “Self-esteem, self-respect, amazing compassion ”. That is, he is a very good doctor who works compassionately to serve the patient, not for money and for any special needs.

Prime Minister Modi said that there are many warriors in this battle who are fighting the Coronavirus by staying out of the homes. They are our soldiers on the front lines. Especially our nurses, doctors, and medical staff. There are comrades defeated Corona. Today we have to draw inspiration from them.

PM Modi said I know that no one wants to break the law, he does not want to break the rules, but some people do so because they still do not realize the seriousness of the problem. If they break the keywords, it will be harder to get rid of the coronavirus. Many people around the world had the same joy. Today, they all regret it.

If you are following the ban, you are helping others, ”said Modi. This lock is an escape for yourself. You have to protect yourself, you have to protect your family. Now you have to show such patience for the coming days, you should follow Lakshman Rekha.

Prime Minister Modi called on the people of the country to show courage and determination and to continue Lakshmana Reka for several days. Prime Minister Modi said that in the present situation, social distance alone should respect one another, not emotional or human distance.

Prime Minister Modi said that brothers, sisters, mothers and the elderly were infected with the Coronavirus in the world. It challenges everyone who is strong in knowledge, science, the poor, the rich, the weak, the powerful. He does not see any region or climate attached to the borders of the country. This virus is based on killing humans, and therefore all humans must come together to get rid of this virus.

Prime Minister Modi said the disease and its nature must be treated first. Diseases will not be cured later and treatment will be hard and the whole India today will do the same.

Prime Minister Modi said many people were angry with me on how to lock up at home. I understand your problems, and you understand my problems, but a country with 130 crores, like India, has no way of taking these steps to fight Corona. The fight with Corona is a battle between life and death and we have to win this battle. So these were very important to take serious steps. No one likes to take such actions, but this is the only way to look after the world. You must keep your family safe.

PM Modi First of all I apologize to the people of my country and say that my soul will surely forgive me. Because some decisions have to be made, because of this you have a lot of problems, and especially if I look at my poor brothers and sisters, they really think the Prime Minister should think that how the Prime Minister is, putting us in Problem. I especially apologize to him.

Prime Minister Modi tweeted on Twitter

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted on his Twitter page that he would live Mann Ki Baat on Sunday (28 March) at 11 am. The event can be heard live on All India Radio, DD News and the Narendra Madi mobile app. Immediately after airing in Hindi, the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program will be broadcast in a variety of regional languages.

Prime Minister Modi’s appeal to the countrymen

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called on the people of the country to come forward to help the government and contribute to the Special Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. On Saturday, 28 March, Prime Minister Modi announced his appeal on his Twitter page, saying, “People across the country are cooperating with the V-19”. To honour this sentiment, the Prime Minister’s Civil Service and Emergency Fund has been set up. It will be very effective in building a healthy India.

Present Condition of Corona-virus in India

In India, the number of coronavirus cases is steadily increasing. Covid-19 cases in the country have reached over 1139. Out of the 1139 cases reported, 1022 were still infected. In a total of 1022 active cases in the country, 27 died and 90 were fully cured, most of whom were discharged from the hospital. (Last update:29th march at 1:38 am)

Present Condition of Corona-virus in Worldwide

Nearly half of the six million people who have been infected with the Coronavirus have been infected. At the same time, over 29,000 people have died. In addition, there are 1,39,545 people who have recovered from the Coronavirus. In Italy, the death toll of 889 died on Saturday from more than 10,000 deaths in the country.

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